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Interviewer: Mr. Götze, you still live with your parents.

Mario: And it’s the most beautiful place to live.

Marco: I live alone - and I can’t complain. If you’re move out someday…

Mario: … what surely happens …

Marco: you will like it, and I even know why.

Mario: I love to cook

Marco: That’s what I’m talking about

*both of them laughing hard*

kicker: Marco, what impression did you have of Mario?

Mario Götze: *grins* The small chubby one, he always said.

Marco Reus: Well, I found out that he is the golden boy in the team, a sunshine boy, an incredibly positive guy. You see how much fun he has on the football pitch. He's incredibly creative. It was evident early on: He's still young, but already an outstanding player.

“It’s strange how me and Mario understand each other so instinctively. In the beginning we needed some time but now, without looking, we know where the other one is and where we should run to make or receive a pass.”

—— Marco Reus

“I get along really great with Marco I am pleased when I see him in the national team and we had a great year in Dortmund and I get along really, really great with Marco. I would be very happy if he would come to Bayern but that his decision that he has to make. He was injuried before the World Cup I was injuried acouple of times too I know that feeling and than we won the World Cup must be really a bad feeling but I’m sure that he will fight back”

——Mario Götze about Marco Reus[AUDI Star Talk](in eng request)

“Yeah, Mario!

Hi, it's me, Marco!

As you see, I'm in Dortmund, you former club.”

——Marco Reus [AUDI Star Talk]

“I've seen Mario held up my jersey and it was not self-evident.

That was an incredible gesture.”

——Marco Reus [AUDI Star Talk]

Interviewer: I'm a bit worried about Dortmund.

Mario: Me not. They'll make it.

Interviewer: And when they'll start getting better? This year? Before Christmas?

Mario: Before christmas, the next game. When Marco is fit again.

Mario Götze:I think it's a personal decision I think it it's not always the best decision for yourself. He has to choose what makes sense for him where he wants to play in the future. I'm Happy for Marco it's good for the Bundesliga and for Borussia Dortmund. When he's happy everything is fine.

Reporter:When did you knew about his decision?

Mario Götze:*smiles and laughs* Since yesterday.

"Mein spitzname ist…"


——Mario Götze





“When he's happy everything is fine.”

——Mario Götze



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